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Poll Results

Would you like to be a poll voter for the 2019 season?

◦Be an OHSVCA member by Aug. 24.
◦Vote each weekend for 6 weeks for the top teams in your division
  Sept. 6 – Oct. 13  Vote between Friday at 6 PM and Sunday at 8 PM
◦If you vote 5 of the 6 times, you can vote for the All-Star players for your division.  Oct. 25 to Oct. 27

If you are interested, please let your district trustee know by Aug. 24. (Preference given to past poll voters who faithfully voted and coaches with varsity experience.)

Volleyball Poll Time Line 2019

◦Aug. 24             Last day to register to be a poll voter with your
                            district trustee.  Be sure you are an OHSVCA
◦Sept. 1-4           Expect a welcome email for voting with directions.
                             Try to log in to be sure you can see the voting tab.
                             Respond to the email by Sept. 5 if you have a
                             problem.  DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S TIME TO VOTE to
                             find out there is a problem.
◦Sept. 6-8           Vote week 1  (Fri. 6 P.M. until Sun. 8 P.M.)
◦Sept. 13-15       Vote week 2  (Fri. 6 P.M. until Sun. 8 P.M.)
◦Sept. 20-22       Vote week 3  (Fri. 6 P.M. until Sun. 8 P.M.)
◦Sept. 27-29       Vote week 4  (Fri. 6 P.M. until Sun. 8 P.M.)
◦Sept. 30            Be sure you are an OHSVCA member for player
                             participation in senior state all-star game.
◦Oct. 4-6            Vote week 5  (Fri. 6 P.M. until Sun. 8 P.M.)
◦Oct, 11-13        Vote week 6 to crown poll champion (Fri. 6 P.M.
                             until Sun. 8 P.M.)
◦Oct. 20-22        Nominate your all-star players  (Sun. 6 P.M. until
                             Tues. 8 P.M.)
◦Oct. 25-27        Vote for state all-stars  (Fri. 6 P.M. until Sun. 8 P.M.)
◦Oct. 27                           All-Star game coordinators begin to call district
                           Players of the Year/District Representatives to invite
                             them to play in the state all-star game.
◦Nov. 3               All-star lists are released  8 A.M. 
                             In the afternoon all-star coordinators begin to call
                             seniors on all-star lists as needed to fill the all-star
                           team rosters.

Sixth Week 2019 results are posted. Congratulations to the poll winners.

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All Ohio Nomination Window Dates - Oct. 20-22, 2019

All Ohio Voting Window Dates  Oct. 25-27  8:00 pm close