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Speaker Bios

Carolyn Condit - Miami University

                                               - setter training 


Alyssa D'Errico - University of Dayton Assistant (Former Libero for Penn State)

                                               - passing/ball control and defensive training


Paco Labrador - Naval Academy

                                            -  Coaching Outside the Box (Ideas to grow your coaching skills)

                           -  Growth-Discomfort Zone-Stretch (Ideas for drills and practice mentality)


Geoff Carleson - The Ohio State University  

                                             - 20 Ways to Gain the Edge Now

                            - Competition Drills using Culture Based Scoring


Diana Kramer - New Bremen High School - Division 4 state champion

                           - Jr. High Boot Camp 

                               - Passing, Basic Offense, Pass-Serve, Basic Defense, Setting & Hitting, Team Drills


Kim Metz - Jackson Center HS - OHSVCA President

                                             - So You're the New Coach

                          - OHSVCA General Session


Anthony Glass - The Ohio State University - Strength and Conditioning Coach

                                             - speed and agility


Mike Kozak - Westerville Central High School

                                             - Simple Strategies for Training the High School Volleyball Player