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   If you would like to become a voting coach for the State Polls and also voting for All-Ohio please send your name, email address, school and division to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    ASAP                                                          


District 9 Trustee: Lonnie Cain
School: Covington High School 

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send scholarship information to:

Lonnie Cain

6350 Piqua-Clayton Road

Covington, Ohio 45318


District 9 Officers:

President: Allison Reule, Ben Logan HS

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Vice-President:  Lonnie Cain, Covington HS

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Secretary & Treasurer: Kim Metz, Jackson-Center HS

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 Awards / Voting Coordinator: Stacey Derr-Webster, Springfield Central Catholic

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District 9 Volleyball Senior All-Star Teams 2019
Match to be held Wednesday, November 13th, at Troy High School, Awards at 6:30 p.m., matches follow
TEAM Red   TEAM Blue
  Player Pos Team     Player Pos Team
1 Trisha McConnell MH Catholic Central   1 Sydney McClain OH Emmanuel Christian
2 Abbigal Sheridan OH Cedarville   2 Lauren McFarland OH Lehman Catholic
3 Eva Sheridan L Cedarville   3 Olivia Lucia MH Lehman Catholic
4 Marissa Meiring OH Fort Loramie   4 Jessica York MH/OH Russia
5 Belle Cable L Franklin Monroe   5 Laney Mills L Southeastern
6 Chole Peters OH Franklin Monroe   6 Trinity Cline MH Southeastern
7 Ava Mayo OH Mechanicsburg   7 Ava Ehlinger OH Tecumseh
8 Tylah Yeomans OH Piqua   8 Jadyn Sharp L Tri-Village
9 Faith Bockrath S Sidney   9 Maddie Downing MH Tri-Village
10 Alessia Fornasari OH Springfield   10 Brianna Slusher MH Troy
11 Kelsey Cole OH/MH Triad   11 Morgan Baber S Troy
12 Tyler Linkhart S/OH Yellow Springs          
Coach John Rodgers, Fort Loramie     Coach Michelle Owen, Troy    
TEAM Yellow   TEAM Green
  Player Pos Team     Player Pos Team
1 Macy Wiktorowski OH Anna   1 Audrey Heiser MH Arcanum
2 Hannah Rader MH Bellefontaine   2 Camille Pohl OH Arcanum
3 Mullaney Yoder MH Bellefontaine   3 Madyson Brittingham OH Greeneview
4 Bailey Shope MH/RS Benjamin Logan   4 Emma Klosierman OH Greenville
5 Makenna Young S Greenon   5 Josi Worden L Greenville
6 Katie Pry MH Greenon   6 Bethany Golliday MH Indian Lake
7 Allisen Foster OH Houston   7 Allison Freisthler MH Milton-Union
8 Gabrielle Hawkins L Miami East   8 Emma Wiseman MH Northeastern
9 Sophie Jacomet OH Miami East   9 Mackenzie Grimm OH/S Northeastern
10 Emma Crew L Northwestern   10 Gabby Thornton L Shawnee
11 Caitlin McEldowney L Versailles   11 Taylor Edwards MH Shawnee
12 Lindsey Winner MH Versailles   12 Abby Hughes L Tippecanoe
13 Alex Burton OH West Liberty-Salem          
Coach Phil Andres, Northeastern     Coach Howard Garcia, Tippecanoe  



District 9 Volleyball All-District Teams 2019
    First Team     First Team
    Player Team Grade     Player Team Grade
  Tylah Yeomans Piqua 12   Mullaney Yoder Bellefontaine 12
  Abby Nuss Sidney 11   Bailey Shope Benjamin Logan 12
  Ava Ehlinger Tecumseh 12   Lindsay Brayton Graham 11
  Lauren Schmitz Troy 12   Aislen Setty Graham 11
  Brianna Slusher Troy 12   Abbie Yoder Greenville 11
  Morgan Baber Troy 12   Bree Trainer Kenton Ridge 12
            Madison Jones Milton-Union 11
            Tori Huxley Shawnee 11
            Corrin Siefring Tippecanoe 11
            Rachel Wildermuth Tippecanoe 11
            Emily Skelley Urbana 10
    Honorable Mention     Second Team
    Player Team Grade     Player Team Grade
  Faith Bockrath Sidney 12   Kylie Frazier Benjamin Logan 11
  Darien McBride Sidney 11   Gillian Setty Graham 10
  Alessia Fornasari Springfield 12   Emma Klosterman Greenville 12
  Carly Pfeiffer Troy 12   Gaby Thaxton Kenton Ridge 10
            Emma Crew Northwestern 12
            Ashley Dingeman Shawnee 11
            Abby Hughes Tippecanoe 12
            Ashley Aselage Tippecanoe 10
            Maleah Murphy Urbana 10
              Honorable Mention
              Player Team Grade
            Hannah Rader Bellefontaine 12
            Molly Vance Benjamin Logan 11
            Libby McKinney Greenville 10
            Emily Barker Milton-Union 11
Player of the Year Lauren Schmitz Troy   Player of the Year Rachel Wildermuth Tippecanoe  
State All-Star Rep Lauren Schmitz Troy   State All-Star Rep Mullaney Yoder Bellefontaine  
Coach of the Year Michelle Owen Troy   Coach of the Year Howard Garcia Tippecanoe  
    First Team     First Team
    Player Team Grade     Player Team Grade
  Macy Wiktorowski Anna 12   Sydney McClain Emm. Christian 12
  Camille Pohl Arcanum 12   McKenzie Hoelscher Ft. Loramie 11
  Madyson Brittingham Greeneview 12   Maya Maurer Ft. Loramie 11
  Sophie Jacomet Miami East 12   Corina Conley Franklin Monroe 12
  Madison Grimm Northeastern 10   Deja Wells Jackson Center 11
  Mackenzie Grimm Northeastern 12   Olivia Lucia Lehman Catholic 12
  Caitlin McEldowney Versailles 12   Lauren McFarland Lehman Catholic 12
  Lindsey Winner Versailles 12   Kendall Monnin Russia 11
  Alex Burton West Liberty-Salem 12   Ashley Scott Russia 11
            Trinity Cline Southeastern 12
            Emily Baker Troy Christian 10
            Tyler Linkhart Yellow Springs 12
    Second Team     Second Team
    Player Team Grade     Player Team Grade
  Mary Landis Anna 11   Paige Doseck Botkins 11
  Taylor Gray Arcanum 10   Ellery Reck Covington 11
  Sarah Trisel Greeneview 10   Jessie Abke Fairlawn 10
  Makenna Young Greenon 12   Marissa Meiring Fort Loramie 12
  Gabrielle Hawkins Miami East 12   Belle Cable Franklin-Monroe 12
  Lauren Tuttle Northeastern 11   Katie Clark Jackson Center 11
  Brooke Stonebraker Versailles 12   Abby Schutt Lehman Catholic 12
  Gabby Williams West Liberty-Salem 10   Reese Geise Lehman Catholic 11
            Audrey Ayars Mechanicsburg 11
            Lauryn Sanford Riverside 11
            Jessica York Russia 12
            Maddie Downing Tri-Village 12
    Honorable Mention     Honorable Mention
    Player Team Grade     Player Team Grade
  Eva Siculan Arcanum 11   Samantha Brewer Bradford 11
  Audrey Heiser Arcanum 12   Nigella Reck Covington 9
  Allix Cotterman Indian Lake 11   Sara Alexander Catholic Central 11
  Nichole Hood Miami East 12   Abigail Sheridan Cedarville 12
  Michele Smith West Liberty-Salem 10   Chloe McGlinch Franklin Monroe 11
  Katie Pry Greenon 12   Chloe Peters Franklin Monroe 12
            Kaitlyn Crawford Legacy Christian 10
            Ava Mayo Mechanicsburg 12
            Allison Knight Riverside 11
            Sierra Snow Riverside 11
            Laney Mills Southeastern 12
            Lauren Montgomery Troy Christian 11
          Emma Ronnebaum Yellow Springs 11
Player of the Year Lindsey Winner Versailles   Player of the Year McKenzie Hoelscher Ft. Loramie  
State All-Star Rep Sophie Jacomet Miami East   State All-Star Rep Olivia Lucia Lehman Catholic  
Coach of the Year Phil Anders Northeastern   Coach of the Year John Rodgers Ft. Loramie  







-The height of the junior high net has been changed to the same height as high school.  7' 4"

- Junior High maximum of 20 matches.

- Register for your maxpreps account today!  You will be able to enter your schedule and results, enter stats for players, print off certificates, etc.  In order for your players to be voted on for All State, you must enter their stats into maxpreps.
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