Ohio High School
Coaches Association


District 5

District 5 Trustee: Carla Pry
School:New Philadelphia High School
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Phone: 330-364-0644 Fax: 330-364-0633

President: Juli Grove                                                                                                                         

School:  Claymont High School                                                                         

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Vice-President: Mark Gibson                                                                                                          

 School: River View High School                                                                                                                   

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Secretary: Mindy Craig                                                                                                             

School: Conotton Valley High School                         

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Treasurer: Cortney Goodwin                                                                                                          

School: Tuscarawas Valley High School                                                                                                Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello all,
I hope that this finds you all doing well and having a great summer.  For those of you that are new to our association, my name is Carla Pry, I am the head coach at New Philadelphia and I am the district 5 trustee to our state association OHSVCA.  I am the person that you can contact if you have any questions dealing with the state or district association.  I don't always promise to have all of the answers but I can try to help you as much as possible.
Just a reminder that the OHSVCA annual coaches clinic is on Friday, July 28 at Westerville Central High School.  You can register for this and your annual membership from their website: www.ohsvca.org.  For anyone who is new to coaching, please understand that you need to become a member of the state and district  association if you want to put up anyone for district or state honors at the end of the season.  On the bottom page of the website there is a section that says News, please read through that and click on the "here" button in order to register for the clinic if you would like or just for your membership.  It might seem like you are registering for the clinic throughout the process, but at the end of the registration is a page to click on what you are registering for.  You can register just for a membership, or for the clinic and membership.  
For anyone who is renewing a membership, you will be able to re-enter your password and get more access to the website once you go through the registration process and pay for your membership. 
As far as our district 5 meeting, it will take place on Sunday, August 13 at New Philadelphia High School, please enter through Door 1 off of Ray Ave, the executive committee starts at 4:30, the regular meeting will be at 5:00.  Executive committee is officers and district trustee.  You need to bring your $35 district membership fee with you.  It can be cash or check, please make checks out to District 5 Volleyball Coaches Association.  Reminder that officers do not have to pay for district membership. Every school is different and some schools pay for your membership to both the state and district levels.  Please check with your athletic director to see how it works at your school.  Or if you guys would like to send your $35 membership a head of time to our treasurer you can do so.  Send to Cortney Goodwin 501 Oakdale Dr.  Dover, OH 44622.  We only have 2 meetings in our District, so it is a requirement that you make both of these meetings.  We meet in August and again in October for District honors.  If you as a head coach can not make it, you will need to send a representative to the August meeting.  According to our district rules if you do not come to the August meeting and do not pay your district and state dues you are not eligible to nominate athletes for end of year awards.  
For all new coaches, there is supposed to be a District 5 manual that your old coach had.  Please check with your AD or former coach if you did not receive this manual.  This is usually an issue as head coaches change and it gets lost.  Please let me know if you do not have this manual.  I do have an electronic copy I can send to you.  Steubenville Catholic Central I have your manual.  
Also just a reminder that you do your rules interpretation on line.  You should have gotten a packet from your AD with all of that information.  If you do not do that your school will be fined.  And for everyone that is new to coaching, the state association uses Max Preps for entering all stats and records for poll voting and state all-stars at the end of the year.  If you have not made yourself familiar with this site, please do so.  Your previous coach should have already made an account for your school, please get this transferred over to you so you can manage the account.  Get on the site and get your schedule entered.  If you would like to bring your laptop with you to the meeting I will walk you through the process.  And also we will need a new Vice President,  Mark Gibson from River View will no longer be coaching.  Please consider helping us out, it does not take a lot of extra work to be involved.  Thanks
Last thing, especially for new coaches, please make yourself familiar with the OHSVCA website, it has lots of information for you for the state level and it also has each individual district listed on the site where I can put information for our district on that page.  Please get your membership for the state level paid for and you will be able to navigate that site to try to learn more about our association.  
If you have any questions please let me know and I can try to help you.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, August 13 at New Philadelphia High School.