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Hall of Fame Criteria

Criteria for Hall of Fame 
1. There shall be no weight given to classification Division I, II, III, IV in which the candidate has coached.  There shall be a distinction between head coaching and other levels of coaching. 
2. Each committee may make one nomination.  Committees are grouped according to district number 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16.  The President may make an “at large” nomination.  The official nomination form must be submitted to a district trustee by February 28 to be presented at the spring meeting of the OHSVCA trustees. 
3. The individual must meet 2 out of the 3 criteria to be nominated: a. Must have been a high school girl’s varsity volleyball coach for at least 15 years in Ohio. b. Must have been a high school (varsity assistant, junior varsity, freshmen coach) or junior high girls coach for a total of 20 years in Ohio. c. Must have been active in the growth or development of girls’ volleyball in Ohio. 
4. Method of Voting: This award is NOT for Lifetime Achievement Award candidates.  An individual may be inducted into the Hall of Fame and receive the Lifetime Achievement. a. Nomination form and letter of recommendation will be distributed.  b. Open discussion c. Closed ballot d. Approval of 75% (13 out of 17) of District trustees is needed to be inducted. 
5. Nomination forms will be held by the Awards Coordinator to be resubmitted for the next five years. 
6. One (but no more than one) one-page typed letter of recommendation is required for this award.